MOREP introduced smart LED bulbs innovation

MOREP sponsored along with WORLD DAS LTD and Grandstage trading SA, a program for Innovation, Research and Development of LED technology products to promote energy saving using smart rechargeable LED bulbs, by manufacturing and assembling LED energy saving technology products.

It is dedicated to South Africa and other countries in needs including Zimbabwe and Lebanon where there is lack of power days and nights, these smart bulbs turn on alone when the central power current is off and while the switch is on. During switch off, the bulb remains off whatever is the current.

Only it gives light when the swtich is on even when the central current is off.
When cutrent outage, the light can remain up to 4 hours continuously, with it Built-in Rechargeable Battery (Charges during normal use.) It Turns On/Off from the Switch During Outages. Energy Efficient, ROHS Compliant.

The Life span lithium battery is up to 6 years and can he replaced by professionals. Life span LED lamp up to 12 years.

Design innovation to be both energy efficient and enhance safety, the LED Intelligent bulb is a revolutionary innovation sponsored by the MOREP and MOREP president Dr Abi Saab.